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Family Business Workshop

by Gregg Harris


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Why does the Apostle Paul tell us that those who do not provide for their own household members have denied the faith and are worse than unbelievers? How is it that God expects every Christian householder to make such a stable living? What does the Bible actually teach us about work, savings, investment, tools, profit margins, generosity and providing for our families?

In these seven MP3 sessions, Gregg Harris lays the theological and doctrinal basis for home and family business, skillful work and the joy of creative, productive work. He then challenges all families to accept the fact that their household is already a family business, it is just a matter of what kind of business it is. He shows how some business ventures are wise, while others are not, and why. Then he walks his listeners through dozens of practical applications of family business principles that allow families in all walks of life to prosper in their family business activities as an intergenerational team.

This seminar is a great introduction for parents and their sons and daughters to listen to together and then act on their vision for financial productivity as a family team. [Running Time: 6.7 hours - File Size: 92.8]


1. The Biblical Basis for Family Business
2. How to Start Your Family Business
3. The Marks of a Christian Business
4. Home Banking & Strategies to Avoid Debt
5. Proven Business Ideas You Can Start
6. How to Find & Keep Customers
7. How to Manage Yourself & Your Time

Family Business Workshop

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Author / Speaker by Gregg Harris