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Good Dads, Bad Dads

by Gregg Harris


As a successful father of 30+ years, Gregg Harris shares his insights on biblical fatherhood and offers advice both on becoming a "good" dad as well as avoiding the traits of a "bad" dad in this three-message series. [Running Time: 3.4 hours - File Size: 47.0 MB]

1.) A Tale of Two Fathers: Noah & Lot
Two fathers were referred to by Christ in the Bible; Noah and Lot. Both were righteous men. Both men were warned by God about impending judgment. Both were given opportunity to act decisively to save their families. But only one succeeded. The other lost everyone and everything but his own soul. What did they do differently? How should we learn from their examples? What should we do as fathers today?

2.) Samuel & Sons
Samuel was a great prophet of God. He grew up as an eye witness of the trouble and the judgement of Eli and his wicked rebellious sons. So what kind of a father did Samuel go on to be? Not very good. Why is it that there are so few good fathers in the Bible? Why does the Apostle Paul have to warn Christian fathers to train up their children in the Lord? What can we do about this situation in our own lives?

3.) Bad Dads: The Sins of the Fathers
Isaac, Jacob, Eli, Samuel, David, Solomon & Rehoboam were all "bad dads" in their own ways. Its hard to be firm and loving with your sons and daughters. It takes a long time to finish the job. What can we learn from these bad dads and how can we become good dads?

Good Dads, Bad Dads

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Author / Speaker by Gregg Harris