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Noble Planner Time Management Seminar

by Gregg Harris


The Noble Planner is the person, not the tool or calendar. Is there such a thing as a theology of time? Can we manage time, or do we only manage ourselves in the way we use our time? Is it practical to have a sequential list of priorities? (e.g. God, family, church, business, personal, etc.) Or are we intended to have a circle of priorities that turn over the course of each day and week? Why do we see so many cycles in God's design of His creation, and what do they tell us about the value of having our own good routines?

Why did God create the seven day week in the first place? How can we balance our weeks by focusing our days (as God did), on one or two key projects each day? How did our Lord respond to his so-called interruptions with the heart of a servant? How can we follow His example in our busy lives? Finally, and most importantly, how is the gift of literacy and writing the God given key to effective self-management?

If you yearn to "make the most of your time," as God commands, listen to this seven session seminar as a family and put its principles into practice. Use any PDA, planner or card system you choose. [Running Time: 6.4 hours - File Size: 88.4 MB]


1. A Believing Heart: Embracing Your Life Purpose
2. A Zealous Soul: Setting Passionate Goals
3. A Delighted Mind: Making Informed Plans
4. Planning in the Afterglow of Worship
5. A Godly Strength: Taking Forceful Actions
6. Dealing with Conflicts and Interruptions
7. Balancing Life Mission with Life Maintenance

Noble Planner Time Management Seminar

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Author / Speaker by Gregg Harris