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Say Hello To Courtship

by Gregg Harris


This three-message compilation from Gregg Harris addresses topics and provides principles directly applicable to any young person contemplating marriage. The first message was delivered at a homeschool convention and the second and third were delivered as Sunday sermons at Household of Faith Community Church.

1.) Say Hello To Courtship
The father of the guy who "kissed dating goodbye" sounds in on the topic of courtship and offers a bit of advice on how to win the heart of a young lady's father before you try to win the heart of his daughter.

2.) To Win the Prize, Become a Prize
Gregg Harris responds to the question, "How should a young person prepare for marriage?" His answer? By becoming the kind of person who would be attractive to the kind of person you want to attract. In other words, become a prize in order to attract a prize. This challenge is delivered in the context of a message on becoming valuable and attractive to others, whether it be a future spouse, or a future employer.

3.) Flee, Face & Fight Temptation
Sexual temptations do not disappear after marriage. They must be overcome day-by-day for the rest of our lives. But such personal sanctification is like a team sport. We win most effectively by teaming up with others who are like-minded with us in our pursuit of holiness. There are times to flee temptation and other times to face it and fight it with all the powerful means of grace that God provides.

Say Hello To Courtship

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Author / Speaker by Gregg Harris